StatsLetters after Summer 2018

Hi all!

Normally the posts in this blog are intended to be as technical as possible, however some small info on changes is fair.

When Statsletters began back in 2015, it was intended as a place to share cool math and statistics with more than just colleagues, as part of my role as a Competence Leader in Combine Control Systems. My awesome boss was more than happy to support that initiative and the company supported the site and some of the time spent writing posts.

Soon Combine realized that blogs are excellent windows to get in touch with the world, so the focus of the blog became wider and wider. After many -amicable- conversations, we agreed that it made sense for StatsLetters to focus on the right content for the originally intended topics.

Statsletters is now a blog focused on Statistics, Math and what you can do with them. Feel free to browse all the posts made when Statsletters was partially sponsored by Combine in the Archive. Combine’s new Tech blog is here.

And now, I had 7 great weeks of awesome rest this summer. Just what was needed to get some fresh ideas and give this blog a fresh start!

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you have enjoyed our work. The site will start rolling again during the next days. Regular posting will resume at some point in September at some point hopefully before winter 2018. You are more than welcome to come back!

Accurate summary of Summer 2018 for Lia.